Charming White Baroque Pearl Round Hoop Dangle Earrings

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Charming 925 sterling silver gold plated white baroque pearl round hoop dangle earrings,high-quality cultured freshwater pearls, round baroque pearls are shiny and smooth with beautiful luster, 925 silver material, classic and atmospheric style suitable for daily wear and any occasions

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Charming 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated White Baroque Pearl Round Hoop Dangle Earrings

Product Parameter

  • Pearl type:  freshwater cultured baroque pearl
  • Pearl color: White
  • Pearl Shape: Round
  • Pearl Luster: Strong
  • Pearl Size: 11-12mm
  • Metal type: 925 sterling silver gold plated

About this product

This freshwater pearl earring features round Baroque earrings made of 925 sterling silver gold-plated material, with a delicate luster that exudes a great sense of elegance when worn. This freshwater pearl earring features round Baroque earrings made from natural freshwater pearls, which are round, full, and have a natural shine; The ear buckle adopts a round design, which is a classic among classics. Wearing it not only enhances the face shape but also enhances the temperament, making it comfortable to wear. Exquisite workmanship, unique style, artistic sense, and elegant temperament; The unique and exquisite shape of the round Baroque; Perfect for pairing with formal or casual attire.

Round Hoop Earrings
Round hoop earrings are the most common style in tradition and also the most representative of Baroque style. The circular shape is unique and artistic. The design of the hoop earrings is very classic, and the round shape gives people a sense of dignified atmosphere. The hoop earrings is suitable for all facial shapes, whether it is a chubby face, melon seed face, oval face, square face, or diamond face, it can be easily controlled. Wearing it is very elegant and slimming, making you look more elegant. It is very suitable for both work and daily wear.

925 sterling silver gold-plated material
This freshwater pearl earring features round Baroque earrings made of 925 sterling silver gold-plated material, with a bright color and delicate luster; Using electroplated 18K gold material, it is sturdy, wear-resistant, and not easy to fade. This freshwater pearl earring features a round Baroque shape with a unique, exquisite and elegant design, and is full of artistic sense; The design concept of a round shape is rich in design sense, and wearing it further highlights the temperament.

White round Baroque freshwater pearl
This white round Baroque freshwater pearl earring has a single pearl diameter of about 11-12 mm, and the overall luster is very strong; This pearl earring features a Baroque design with a unique, innovative, and exquisite circular shape, showcasing a unique personality; This pearl earring has a moderate overall size and is suitable for daily wear. Baroque pearls are an ancient variety of pearls with uniform, bright, full, and glossy colors; This freshwater pearl earring adopts a Baroque style, with a simple design style, fashion and personality. Baroque is a style and art school of the European Renaissance, and freshwater pearls are the light of the ocean. The perfect combination of the two creates this unique Baroque style.

Exquisite craftsmanship and unique style
This freshwater pearl earring features a round Baroque shape with a unique design; The ear buckle is made of 925 pure silver electroplated 18K gold material, with a beautiful color; The ear buckle adopts a round design, with a unique shape; The ear buckle and ear hole are integrated in the design, making it very stylish to wear.

Minimalist style
Simplicity rather than simplicity is not only a lifestyle attitude, but also a fashion trend. Simplicity is not simple, it can better highlight personality and temperament.
A minimalist style often gives people a low-key, atmospheric, fashionable, and atmospheric feeling.
The minimalist style of jewelry design, with exquisite and elegant design techniques, gives people an elegant, generous, and low-key feeling. Minimalist style is a lifestyle attitude and a fashion trend, and this simple yet not simple design style is increasingly loved and admired by people.
Minimalist style is a fashion trend.

Quality assurance
1. This product is all natural freshwater pearls, pure and natural, without any chemical additives.
2. This product is a natural freshwater pearl that has not been artificially interfered with. When wearing it, please be careful not to collide with hard objects or scratch. Please do not wear it for a long time under high temperatures, otherwise it may affect its glossiness. When wearing it, be careful not to come into contact with chemicals.

Suitable for wearing with different facial shapes
1. Long face: A long face refers to a face shape that is long, narrow, and clearly defined. Women with long faces should avoid wearing earrings with overly pointed edges, such as droplet shaped, triangular, and fan-shaped. Because these earrings will make the face look wider. On the contrary, if the face is oval, round, or oval shaped, you can choose earrings with larger ear buckles.
2. It is not advisable to wear earrings with smaller ear buckles or earrings for this facial shape, otherwise it will shorten the facial shape even more.
3. This facial shape is suitable for wearing round or square earrings, which can make the facial lines soft and smooth.
4. Square face: A square face, also known as a triangular face, refers to a face shape with prominent cheekbones and a pointed chin.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Metal Type

925 Sterling Silver

Pearl Color


Pearl Shaped


Pearl Size


Stone Type



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